Objectives of company

  1. Providing efficient service for planning, implementation, monitoring evaluation, research, studies, and business development for national as well as international organizations.
  2. Facilitate and support in formulating rules and regulations, bi-laws, policy, strategy, guideline and working procedures of the organizations registered as per Nepal Government’s rules and regulations.
  3. Organize, conduct and facilitate trainings, seminars, workshops and orientations for capacity building of human resource on various aspects of organizational management in and outside of the country.
  4. Production and management of skilled human resources for government, non-government and corporate organizations.
  5. Establish a resource center and provide the quality service of institutional promotion and professional development.

Core values

  1. We are committed in treating our stakeholders with respect, trust and dignity.
  2. We grow through creativity, innovation, collaboration, learning and adaptation.
  3. We integrate honesty, integrity and accountability into all aspects of our business functioning.

Additional INCO’s Core Values:

  1. Innovative product
  2. Collaboration in product and process
  3. Socially responsible in base of business
  4. Dynamics in overall
  5. Customers’ satisfaction