Our Work Experience

  • Three days training on Effective Financial Management, Taxation and Basic Excel|” was held from 3 to 5 September 2019 in Embers Restaurant, Lalitpur in joint collaboration with Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd., Yuwa and Right Here Right Now Nepal Secretariat for the program and financial personnel of the implementing partners of Right Here Right Now Project. Altogether there were 35 participants from different NGOs.
  • In collaboration with Nick Simons Institute, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd. conducted one day training on Taxation with the Budget Update of FY 076/77 exclusively for the staff of NSI on 1st July 2019. In total 37 staff had participated in the training. Major Tax Updates for 2076/77, social security fund, all amendments made by Finance Act 2076 for example changes in salary tax rate, VAT registration system, fine penalty, filing of income tax return, income From Employment, TDS, Renewal of Tax 6 Exemption Certificate. Contemporary tax issues faced by NGO/INGO: provincial tax issues, gratuity heesab, VAT application and other all tax and VAT related issues faced by by INGOs/NGOs were covered.
  • In financial support of Rural Village Water Resource Management Project (RVWRMP), Bhagawatimai Rural Municipality and Bhairabi Rural Municpality of Dailekh had separately organized 3 days training on “Leadership Development and Good Governance Through and Appreciative Inquiry” from 6 to 8 Jestha 2076 and 9 to 11 Jestha 2076 respectively. There were 46 participants in Bhagawatimai RM and 45 participants in Bhairabi RM. Participants were RMs’ chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons, Ward Chairpersons and employees. On behalf of Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd Ram Bhusal and Tanka Upadhyaya had facilitated the training. Ram Bhusal facilitated on Leadership Development, Positive Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry for two days in both RMs and Tanka Upadhyaya facilitated on Good Governance for both RMs for one day.
  • To enhance understanding and capacity of development staff to comply with provision of Income Tax Act 2058, Value Added Tax Act 2052; Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd organized Training on “Application of Income Tax and Value Added Tax” on 9th June 2019 in Greenwich Village Hotel, Lalitpur. This had covered all the updates made by Finance bill 2076/77. Altogether 23 participants from Handicapped International/ Humanity & Inclusion, Helvetas TBSU, GIZ, ICCO Cooperation, IM Swedish, Save the Children, and private sectors, i.e. tourism, hydro power, etc. had actively participated in the training. CA Shesh Mani Dahal had facilitated the training.
  • “Emerging Legal Compliance Requirements for Development Organizations in Nepal” - Being compliant with the legal environment this is the fundamental and mandatory need of Development Organization. Development Organizations in Nepal must comply with various Acts (e.g. National Directorate Act 1961, Associations Registration Act 2034, Social Welfare Act 2049, Local Governance Act 2017, Income Tax Act 2058, Labour Act 2074, Contribution Based Social Security Act 2074). Few Policies and Acts are still in the process to be enforced (e.g. National Integrity Policy, Corruption Prevention Act, Social Welfare and Development Act etc.) which has legal implication for Development Organizations. Noncompliance with these Acts and its rules will attract several complications and implications. Noncompliance can impose monetary penalty as well as restrict operation of the organization temporarily or permanently. Considering this and to enhance legal compliance related knowledge and skills of human resources working for Development Organizations; Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd organized two days training on "Emerging Legal Compliance Requirements for Development Organizations in Nepal" from 7-8 April 2019 in Green Village Hotel, Kupondol Height, Lalitpur. Altogether 23 finance, administrative and program professionals from 16 different INGOs/NGOs, i.e. Mennonite Central Committee, Himalayan Climate Initiative, CBM Nepal, Shanti Volunteer Association, FCA Foundation, Action Aid Nepal, Save the Children Nepal, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, GIZ, Felm Nepal, Ghap Awareness Society, Paribartan Nepal, Siddhartha Social Development, Mandala Theatre Nepal and MyRight had actively participated in the training. The training imparted knowledge and skill on complying with legal provision governing Development Organizations. After the training, participants returned loaded with knowledge and skill to keep their offices compliant with the legal provisions applicable to their organization for being prepared for upcoming legal provisions and avoid any legal chaos that results from non-compliance.
  • "Effective Financial Management of Grant Funded Project" training was conducted to enhance knowledge and skill of human resources working for financial management of donor funded projects and providing smart tools and best practices for sound financial management from 13th to 14th January 2019 in Entrance Café, Bakhundol. Lalitpur. The training imparted the knowledge and skill on essential requirements for financial planning, book keeping and financial reporting complying with requirement of Donors, Local Accounting Standards and Law of Nepal. After the training, participants returned loaded with skills, resources and know-how to keep their project on track, comply with grant regulations, and protect the organization from the administrative and legal chaos that results from poor grants management. Training was facilitated nationally renowned resource persons. Altogether, 23 participants from various I/NGOs, i.e. HELVESTAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal, GIZ, IM Swedish Development Partner, Mennonite Central Committee, Bajura Gaupalika, Bajura Gaupalika, World Renew Nepal, Johanniter International Assistance, Oxfam, Save the Children, Gramin Mahila Srijanshil Pariwar, NDM Mission, Himalayan Climate Initiative, and Mountain Child Inc had actively participated in the training. Based on the feedback session of the training remained very effective and useful for their day to day office business in their respective offices.
  • To enhance understanding and capacity of development staff to comply with provision of Income Tax Act 2058 and Value Added Tax Act 2052; Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd organized one day Training on “Application of Income Tax and Value Added Tax for Development Sector Organizations” on 17th June 2018. The training covered all the updates made by upcoming Finance Bill 2075/76. Major objective of the training program was to enhance capacity of the participants from development organizations on income tax and VAT to comply with tax provisions and prevent itself from being penalized by tax officer or cost disallowed by the funding agencies. The training was designed for those working in the development sector such as, finance officials, human resource officials, internal auditors, office managers, procurement officials and program officers who have responsibility to comply with tax act. Altogether 42 participants had actively participated in the training. Participants were from Plan International Nepal, Winrock International Nepal, Shanti Volunteer Association, World Neighbor, World Vision International Nepal, ICCO Cooperation, World Education Inc., Paribartan Nepal, Nick Simons Institute, IsraAID, Human Practice Foundation, Johanniter International Assistance, CCS Italy, Concern Worldwide Nepal, Felm – Nepal, Education First Foundation, Catholic Relief Service, Association of Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal, Kumidini, Mountain Spirit, Asha Nepal, Gramin Mahila Shrijansil Pariwar, Help Hilfe, HRENDC Mugu, etc.
  • Innovative Collaboration Pvt. Ltd organized two days’ training on “Combating Corruption in Development Procurement” from 6-7 May 2018 in Yalamaya Kendra Dhokaima Café, Patan, Lalitpur. Objectives of the training were to help management professionals of development organizations to design and implement procurement system in an effective and efficient manner and help them deter and detect corruption in development procurement which ensures value for money. After this training it is believed that the participants have been able to procure quality goods/services at a fair price and strengthen the procurement process which promotes competitiveness, accountability and ethical values. The participants were from several national and international organizations, e.g. HELVETAS, Oxfam GB Nepal, Care Nepal, GiZ, Habitat for Humanity International, ICCO Nepal Made Nepal, JuRi – Nepal, SWAN, SEED, IRDC, IM Nepal. Leprosy Nepal, etc. and resource persons were nationally renowned procurement specialist, trainer, expert from CIAA, Office of Auditor General, etc.

Other experiences of team members

  • Played lead role at district level in designing program policies / guidelines and developing Country strategic Plan (CSP), Country Project Outlines (CPO), Project Outline, Community Development Plan, VDC Profile and facilitated various training, orientation, workshops, baseline and endline survey in Plan International Nepal and Human Resource Development Centre.
  • Performance evaluation based on the Minimum Condition and Performance Measure – MCPM for Bara, Parsa, Makwanpur and Chitwan District Development Committees appointed by Secretariat of Fiscal Commission of Local Body, GoN.
  • Prepared Municipal Capacity Development Plan, Municipal Profile of Changunarayan and Suryabinayak Municipalities as per MoFALD's Template. Conducted Social Audit and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) audit as per Social Audit and GESI Audit Guidelines.
  • Internal evaluation (financial and program) of Coffee Promotion Projects implemented by Coffee Production Cooperatives of four districts namely Gorkha, Lalitpur, Kavre and Nuwakot for Coffee Promotion Project of Helvetas Nepal.
  • Audit of Local Bodies (6 Rural Municipalities and 2 Municipalities) of Ramechhap Districts and 7 Rural Municipalities and 3 municipalities of Salyan districts appointed by Office of Auditor General of Government of Nepal (GoN), Babarmahal and various business organizations, NGOs, District Development Committees, Schools etc.
  • Financial Evaluation of Post-Earthquake Immediate and Long Term Physical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Support Service Project of Handicap International (HI) as a Financial Expert on behalf of Social Welfare Council.
  • Capacity enhancement of partner organizations of Plan International Nepal Makwanpur district, Kumidini and Arabha Nepal Modern Agriculture Company Ltd. (ANMC), Lamjung on financial management and internal control system, formulating policy, rules and regulation.
  • Training and Facilitation in Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management/Climate Risk Management, Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, Emergency Response, Preparation Local Disaster Risk Management Plan (LDRMP) Gender, Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction / Management, Enterprises and Development, School Safety in Plan International Nepal and other organizations.
  • Worked in close conjunction with the National Office to carry out Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning (LEAP) and Transformational Development Indicator (TDI) Survey as per the standard of World Vision International Nepal.